The last few months have been new normals for everyone. Instead of going to the supermarkets & favorite stores/outlets, we received our weekly shoppings in front of our homes/workplaces.

We limit or completely eliminate outdoor dining & eat mostly home cooked meals, takeaways or food deliveries. People are also taking more initiatives to improve their culinary skills because there are countless great recipes online.

We start paying more attention to health-related information and invest in hygiene-related solutions. We wash hands more frequently & take more extreme measures to prevent microbes from entering our homes & workplaces.

We also spend more time with our family. We read more books, watch more TV & surf the net more than before. And our relationship with our kid(s), wife & grandparent(s) blossom.

But are these new normals permanent? Maybe not. Because after vaccines are available, people will start going out more often again.

But what if these new normals become semi-permanent because another epidemic is always waiting around the corner. Epidemic may also occur more often & faster.

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